Gaining the Good Stuff
Gaining the Good Stuff

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Gaining the Good Stuff

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Kara Carter, Registered Dietitian of The Diet Free RD, and Travis Bishop, RRCA Certified Running Coach and Owner-operator of Bishop's Events, are partnering together to bring you a virtual 4 week comprehensive wellness program: Gaining the Good Stuff.  Society likes to tell us all the things we need to lose or stop doing, such as losing weight or not eating “bad” foods. Instead, we should be focusing on all the great things we can add to our lives. The goal of this group is to make evidenced-based behavior changes through re-defining the way we think, label and talk about food, exercise and our bodies. The best part? You won’t be on a diet!  
Unlike other groups out there, this program is hosted by a Licensed and Registered Dietitian who will be providing you with accurate nutrition information and will never ask you to buy a product to make a commission. Our running coach is here to provide you with a plan that's tailored to your pace - whether that's walking or running. We will bring you weekly Live Lessons, daily accountability and motivation, and four weeks dedicated to building a better you, all from the comfort of your home!
This program will be hosted from November 26th to December 23rd and is hosted through Facebook. The goal race for our training program is New Year's Day 5k/10k. You are not required to participate in the goal race, and race registration is not included with program registration.